Wear View Holiday Cottage is a 17th century stone cow byre conversion situated two miles outside of Hamsterley on a non-working farm. Within easy reach of the coast, the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors, the cottage is an excellent base for exploring all County Durham has to offer and much more beyond.

Home from Home


The cottage itself is bright, easterly facing and furnished to a high standard. The living room, with its cosy log burning stove, is a great place to relax after the day’s adventures and both bedrooms assure a comfy nights sleep, whilst providing ample storage for clothing. The Kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances and a dining table suitable for four people.



Externally is a shared courtyard, a section of which has a private patio furnished with a table and chairs. Accessible directly from the living room, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine whilst catching the setting sun.


Wear View


Please use the table below to filter Wear View Cottage availability for the remainder of the year. Bookings are Saturday to Saturday, with arrival being after 3pm and departure before 10am.

February17th February 202418/2/2419/2/2420/2/2421/2/2422/2/2423/2/24£325-00
February24th February 202425/2/2426/2/2427/2/2428/2/2429/2/241/3/24£320.00
March2nd March 20243/3/244/3/245/3/246/3/247/3/248/3/24£320.00
March9th March 202410/3/2411/3/2412/3/2413/3/2414/3/2415/3/24£320.00
March16th March 202417/3/2418/3/2419/3/2420/3/2421/3/2422/3/24£320.00
March23rd March 202424/3/2425/3/2426/3/2427/3/2428/3/2429/3/24£320.00
March30th March 202431/3/241/4/242/4/243/4/244/4/245/4/24£536-00
April6th April 20247/4/248/4/249/4/2410/4/2411/4/2412/4/24£466-00
April13th April 202414/4/2415/4/2416/4/2417/4/2418/4/2419/4/24£394-00
April20th April 202421/4/2422/4/2423/4/2424/4/2425/4/2426/4/24£383-00
April27th April 202428/4/2429/4/2430/4/241/5/242/5/243/5/24£419-00
May4th May 20245/5/246/5/247/5/248/5/249/5/2410/5/24£436-00
May11th May 202412/5/2413/5/2414/5/2415/5/2416/5/2417/5/24£448-00
May18th May 202419/5/2420/5/2421/5/2422/5/2423/5/2424/5/24£454-00
May25th May 202426/5/2427/5/2428/5/2429/5/2430/5/2431/5/24£664-00
June1st June 20242/6/243/6/244/6/245/6/246/6/247/6/24£432-00
June8th June 20249/6/2410/6/2411/6/2412/6/2413/6/2414/6/24£478-00
June15th June 202416/6/2417/6/2418/6/2419/6/2420/6/2421/6/24£489-00
June22nd June 202423/6/2424/6/2425/6/2426/6/2427/6/2428/6/24£500-00
June29th June 202430/6/241/7/242/7/243/7/244/7/245/7/24£515-00
July6th July 20247/7/248/7/249/7/2410/7/2411/7/2412/7/24£535-00
July13th July 202414/7/2415/7/2416/7/2417/7/2418/7/2419/7/24£619-00
July20th July 202421/7/2422/7/2423/7/2424/7/2425/7/2426/7/24£742-00
July27th July 202428/7/2429/7/2430/7/2431/7/241/8/242/8/24£720-00
August3rd August 20244/8/245/8/246/8/247/8/248/8/249/8/24£774-00
August10th August 202411/8/2412/8/2413/8/2414/8/2415/8/2416/8/24£733-00
August17th August 202418/8/2419/8/2420/8/2421/8/2422/8/2423/8/24£602-00
August24th August 202425/8/2426/8/2427/8/2428/8/2429/8/2430/8/24£585-00
August31st August 20241/9/242/9/243/9/244/9/245/9/246/9/24£467-00
Serptember7th September 20248/9/249/9/2410/9/2411/9/2412/9/2413/9/24£416-00
Serptember14th September 202415/9/2416/9/2417/9/2418/9/2419/9/2420/9/24£415-00
Serptember21st September 202422/9/2423/9/2424/9/2425/9/2426/9/2427/9/24£364-00
Serptember28th September 202429/9/2430/9/241/10/242/10/243/10/244/10/24£350-00
October5th October 20246/10/247/10/248/10/249/10/2410/10/2411/10/24£344-00
October12th October 202413/10/2414/10/2415/10/2416/10/2417/10/2418/10/24£369-00
October19th October 202420/10/2421/10/2422/10/2423/10/2424/10/2425/10/24£496-00
October26th October 202427/10/2428/10/2429/10/2430/10/2431/10/241/11/24£496-00
November2nd November 20243/11/244/11/245/11/246/11/247/11/248/11/24£312-00
November9th November 202410/11/2411/11/2412/11/2413/11/2414/11/2415/11/24£309-00
November16th November 202417/11/2418/11/2419/11/2420/11/2421/11/2422/11/24£302-00
November23rd Noivember 202424/11/2425/11/2426/11/2427/11/2428/11/2429/11/24£209-00
November30th November 20241/12/242/12/243/12/244/12/245/12/246/12/24£288-99
December7th December 20248/12/249/12/2410/12/2411/12/2412/12/2413/12/24£291-00
December14th December 202415/12/2416/12/2417/12/2418/12/2419/12/2420/12/24£291-00
December21st December 202422/12/24£318-00
December23rd December 202424/12/2425/12/2426/12/2427/12/2428/12/2429/12/24£497-00
December30th December 202431/12/241/1/252/1/253/1/25£559-00
January4th January 20255/1/256/1/257/1/258/1/259/1/2510/1/25TBA
January11th January 202512/1/2513/1/2514/1/2515/1/2516/1/2517/1/25TBA
January18th January 202519/1/2520/1/2521/1/2522/1/2523/1/2524/1/25TBA
January25th January 202526/1/2527/1/2528/1/2529/1/2530/1/2531/1/25TBA
February1st February 20252/2/253/2/254/2/255/2/256/2/257/2/25TBA
February8th February 20259/2/2510/2/2511/2/2512/2/2513/2/2514/2/25TBA
February15th February 202516/2/2516/2/2517/2/2518/2/2519/2/2520/2/25TBA
February22nd February 202523/2/2524/2/2525/2/2526/2/2527/2/2528/2/25TBA
March1st March 20252/3/253/3/254/3/255/3/256/3/257/3/25TBA
March8th March 20259/3/2510/3/2511/3/2512/3/2513/3/2514/3/25TBA
March15th March 202516/3/2517/3/2518/3/2519/3/2520/3/2521/3/25TBA
March22nd March 202523/3/2524/3/2525/3/2526/3/2527/3/2528/3/25TBA
March29th March 202530/3/2531/3/251/4/252/4/253/4/254/4/25TBA
April5th April 20256/4/257/4/258/4/259/4/2510/4/2511/4/25TBA
April12th April 202513/4/2514/4/2515/4/2516/4/2517/4/2518/4/25TBA
April19th April 202520/4/2521/4/2522/4/2523/4/2524/4/2525/4/25TBA
April26th April 202527/4/2528/4/2529/4/2530/4/251/5/252/5/25TBA
May3rd May 20254/5/255/5/256/5/257/5/258/5/259/5/25TBA
May10th May 202511/5/2512/5/2513/5/2514/5/2515/5/2516/5/25TBA
May17th May 202518/5/2519/5/2520/5/2521/5/2522/5/2523/5/25TBA
May24th May 202525/5/2526/5/2527/5/2528/5/2529/5/2530/5/25TBA
May31st May 20251/6/252/6/253/6/254/6/255/6/256/6/25TBA

In a Nutshell


We’d like your holiday at Wear View to be as comfortable as possible and include the following in both of our cottages. Should you have any special requirements not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

  • Single storey, ground floor cottage.

  • One double bedroom, one twin bedroom with bed linen and towels included.

  • Bathroom with bath, shower, sink and toilet.

  • Living room with Free Sat TV and DVD / Blu-Ray player.

  • Off road parking for 2 cars ¹

  • Oil fired central heating with fuel included.

  • WIFI available.

  • Ironing board, electric steam iron.

  • Cot and highchair available on request.

  • 2.5Kw metered electric car charging three-point socket available ²

  • Log burning stove.

  • Lockable bike storage and cleaning area.

  • Pets are welcome ³

  • Electricity included with the exception of car charging.

  • Sorry, no smoking.

  • Spacious kitchen with all modern appliances and cookware.

¹ The approach road to the cottage is approximately 0.6 miles of unpaved farm road, as long as the road is taken very slowly it can be used by everyday vehicles. ² The Electric Car charging point is not exclusive and shared between both cottages. ³ Well behaved pets are very welcome on condition that they are not allowed on the beds or furniture and are under your control at all times. If your pet is used to sleeping in your bedroom, please bring your own duvet covers and sheets. Your furry friend(s) must also never be left alone either in or outside the cottage, while you are with us. Guests are expected to clean up after their pets so that other guests and children remain safe.

Ready to Book?

We’re looking forward to Welcoming you to Edge Knoll Farm!
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